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An Exhibition of Fine art

24 Female Artists

(National & International)

London, Surrounding Areas

Barcelona, Madrid, Finland, Johannesburg

PRIVATE VIEW 7-9pm 08/08/08

RSVP: Marie Maynard wam.group@yahoo.com

Exhibition 8th August – 5th September

Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, N7 OSF

Tel: 020 7607 0561


Ana Rosa Garcia Vidal, Ann Foster, Carla Chait, Charne Mentz, Chez Naude,

Debbie Evershed, Ellen Groth Reddie, Evi Michalaki, Fiona Barone, Fiona Long,

Genoveva Seydoux, Isabella Charlesworth, Janice Fisher, Julie McNamara,

Karina Valenzano, Kath Hurley, Maria Robertson, Marie Maynard, Michele Martinoli,

Nikki Pinder, Rebecca Feiner, Sharon Ferris, Silvia Cristo, Veera Saila, Velika Janceva

Come and meet a diverse group of female artists who's art work approaches the subject of identity - showing how emotions can not only be reflections of the inner self but also a flawed representation of that reality.

The fine art exhibition, with all of its expressions, reveals a brand new world of creative women. Their works of art portray unique voice - charged with personal moments – reflecting isolated events. They evoke real emotions in their very fictional construction and conscious existence. Female artists who want to expose their art work in the public arena and by Marie Maynard their charismatic leader.


A non-profit community art movement, founded in 2007 by Marie Maynard and Jennie Coles with a vision of supporting women within the arts in London, surrounding areas and internationally. In the early stages of developing WAM to stimulate a growth within the visual, performing and literary arts. We aim to present quality artists and act as a catalyst for arts activity. Involve the community in the arts and serve as a local resource for arts information. New exhibits and a first 'women only cafe' giving the female community the opportunity to experience the diversity of talent

Public Art Projects

Cafe & Information Resource Centre

Creative/Business Workshops

Designing, presenting art exhibitions, which directly relate to the contemporary issues of an ever more interdependent community.

Create an ambient creative, informative Cafe environment, with coffee, soft drinks and a plan to serve healthy cuisine at a reasonable cost.

Membership is open to any woman with an interest in art.

Anyone who would like to join, support, sponsor, donate or volunteer please get in touch:

Email: wam.group@yahoo.com Marie Maynard www.mariemaynard.co.uk



índex 'expos'



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